Apache PVC

Apache, along with his pals Osprey and Dunehopper, belongs to a team of Seeker Jets that I created to have a distinct military feel. In his olive and green scheme, Apache is probably best suited to jungle or forest combat.

Chris Tordesillas of Iaconcity has created some terrific 3-D renderings of my “Expanded Universe” Seeker jet characters, including Apache:

3-D rendering courtesy of Chris Tordesillas

Phased out (but seen to the left and submitted for your approval) is the PVC Apache, who has proven difficult to obtain (but not impossible for those that might want one).

Here are the colors I used on Apache:
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Orkhide Shade (Games Workshop)
  • Iyanden Darksun (Games Workshop)
  • Gretchin Green (Games Workshop)

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