Astro Magnum

Astro Magnum

Back in the 80s, you never knew where a Transformer knockoff might show up. Here's Astro Magnum, a recolor and remold of Shockwave sold at Radio Shack stores. He came with a few more sounds than Shockwave did, and if I recall the cannon barrel was larger, but other than that and his color scheme he was identical to Shockwave.

Because of where he was sold, this TF is sometimes called Shackwave!

Original Astro Magnum toy

I used the following colors for Astro Magnum:
  • Skull White (Games Workshop)
  • Fortress Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Mithril Silver (Games Workshop)
  • Gunship Grey (Testors Model Master Spray)

Astro Magnum's Tech Spec

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