Bluestreak (Cartoon Version)


Custom Box courtesy of Chip Wallace

Before tackling a "Blue Bluestreak" I turned instead to the cartoon for inspiration.

Screen Cap courtesy of Seibertron

Like Smokescreen, Bluestreak required some back sanding to remove Prowl’s lights. In a later version, I added the doors:

Rear view of Bluestreak

There were some differences in the way he was colored in the chest area. Some screenshots had the gray part of his hood extending to follow the Fairlady Z contour; others just had the headlight wells colored gray. I decided to do just the wells, but in retrospect, it makes him look a bit naughty.

Here are the colors I used for the Cartoon Version of Bluestreak:
  • Necron Abyss (Games Workshop)
  • Ice Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Adeptus Battlegrey (Games Workshop)
  • Skull White (Games Workshop)
  • Blood Red ( Games Workshop)

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