Transformers Cake Toppers

Joe and Barbara’s Cake Topper

Custom Masters Optimus Prime and Elita One Custom Masters Megatron and Nightbird

Revoltech Megatron and Nightbird Revoltech Optimus Prime and Elita One

Bumblebee and Arcee

If you or a loved one would like your favorite Transformers to top the cake at your next party, wedding, or other special occasion, email me for more information! There are lots of ideas we can cook up together; see the pictures to the left for some inspiration!

Bow ties are available for the gentlemen; veils can be had for the ladies. In addition, I can create tiny bouquets of just about any color flower to match your wedding bouquet.

The original idea for Transformer cake toppers came from Barbara Ann McClain, who wanted to surprise her fiancé, Joe Moore, at their wedding with a little bit of Transformers goodness. We spoke in secret at Cybercon Spring 2004 show about an Optimus Prime/Elita-One cake topper, and here you see the end result.

Basically, I used a Mega PVC Optimus Prime, dressed to the nines in his little bow tie for the special day. I also used the same type of Elita that I usually offer, except that here she’s holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers and is ready to be wed in a long, flowing veil.

If you’re getting married soon and are interested in having the Autobot's First Couple on your cake — or perhaps even Hot Rod and Arcee, or Megatron and Nightbird — feel free to reach out to me for more information!

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