The female Autobot invasion continues!

Chromia is another female Autobot character who appeared in the second season episode "The Search for Alpha Trion" but never had a toy made for her.

Screen Cap courtesy of Seibertron

A major problem for me in developing all the female Autobots was trying to strike a balance between a body that looked too human (I considered using G.I. Joes) and a body that looked too artificial (Action Masters are seldom mistaken for humans). What I found were figures from a line called "Star Force" which are humans, but in spacesuits.

I consider her head to be a complete triumph. It's a combination of Skyfall's helmet section and a shaved-down face from the recent G.I. Joe relaunch figures — in this case, it's Scarlett's face. I dearly wanted to use a Mara Jade face from the Star Wars line, but the figure is just too difficult to come by.

I used the following colors on Chromia:
  • Shadow Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Ice Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Fiery Orange (Games Workshop)
  • Worm Purple (Games Workshop)
  • Skull White (Games Workshop)
  • Shadow Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Spa Blue (Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Spray)

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