Computron by mid-southcustom-tf-pvcs!

Screen Cap courtesy of Seibertron

Here's the story on Gary Bryant's (ebay name: mid-southcustom-tf-pvcs) custom PVC Computron in his own words:

The PVC parts to make him are as follows:
  • Head — Metroplex
  • Arms — Metroplex, Lio Kaiser, Road Caesar, Star Convoy, Danial, and various other PVC pieces cut to specs
  • Body — Star Convoy
  • Legs — Dia Atlas, Road Caesar wheels, Lio Kaiser, and various other PVC pieces to detail out the legs and thighs
  • Chest Plate — Lio Kaiser
Paints used:
  • Testors Gloss White #1372
  • Testors Gloss Black #1369
  • Testors Gloss Yellow #921557
  • Testors Flat Tan #921580
  • Testors Gloss Red #921500
  • Arm, Legs, & Head colors — a mixture of Purple/Maroon paint specially mixed to match his colors precisely; both color variation types were done like this
  • Eyes — A special baby blue paint mix I made for creating window looks on other various Custom PVCs I have made.
For more detail on both of the arms, various other TF PVC figure pieces were cut up, glued, drilled, primed and painted to create him. It took approximately 10 different TF PVC figure parts to make this sweet piece.

This was my first shot at making Computron; I feel he came out the best of all the Gestaults I have made so far.

The process took me approximately 6 weeks in my spare time to visualize, sketch, cut, glue, drill, prime and paint. I made 4 of them which I have sold to my customers on my Custom PVC Buyers List. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of him with his symbols on his chest due the fact that they sold out that quickly.

If you would like any information on what Custom PVCs I am making now, have available for sale, or information on how to get on my Custom PVC Buyers List please feel free to email me at, I have been in business for over a year with a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

If anyone else has a customized Transformer they'd like to see featured, by all means email me and let me know!

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