Death's Head

Death's Head by fourth_heir

What does Death's Head wear under his cape? Only a Scotsman knows for sure!

I'm blown away by this project! I've been thinking about doing a Death's Head myself, but after seeing this fella, I may just have to buy one from fourth_heir! If anyone else has a custom Transformer they'd like to see featured, by all means email me and let me know!

Here's the low-down on fourth_heir's custom Death's Head in his own words:

I'd always wanted a figure of Death's Head ever since his first appearance in "Wanted: Galvatron — Dead or Alive" back in the 80's. Years of patience were rewarded with the arrival of Stikfas — I finally had the blank canvas I needed.

Freelance peacekeeping agent, yes?

Most of the features were simply hand-sculpted from Milliput (a two-part epoxy putty) with details like the horns and tusks been cut from suitably spikey toys. The missiles were taken from a model plane and the kneepads and axe came from Games Workshop Space Orks. The rifle is the chopped up remains of three of the guns that came with the original Stikfa. I won't go into detail about the cape and loincloth — suffice to say the garment was well washed before I cut it up!

The colours that finally brought this 'freelance peacekeeping agent' to life were all from the Games Workshop Citadel Colour range:
  • Imperial Strike Green (Games Workshop)
  • Scorched Brown (Games Workshop)
  • Chainmail (Games Workshop)
  • Mithril Silver (Games Workshop)
  • Codex Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)
  • Jungle Green (Games Workshop)
  • Orc Brown (Games Workshop)
  • Sunburst Yellow (Games Workshop)
  • Hobgoblin Orange (Games Workshop)

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