Foxtrot's Jeep Mode. That's Speedway, a red-colored Mirage, in the background.

Foxtrot began life as a 3-D rendering created by Chris Tordesillas. I agreed to bring him to life not only because I think Chris' work is first-rate, but also because I had just finished the Hound mold and I wanted to get some mileage out of it!

For me, the shoulder cannons really make Foxtrot shine. I don't normally add shoulder matter to the Custom Masters (with some notable exceptions), but as you can see in the rendering below it's a pretty integral part of the character:

Many thanks to Chris Tordesillas for the inspiration for Foxtrot!

The colors I used on Foxtrot are:
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)
  • Ice Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Space Wolves Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Afrika Mustard (Testors Model Master Spray)

Foxtrot's Tech Spec

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