Kitbashed helicopter blades from Action Master Bumblebee

Fyredance began life as a special request with only a few parameters: helicopter, orange, blue, and NO silver. Beyond that, I took it upon myself to use this custom to try out some new, groundbreaking techniques that initially seem to have streamlined the whole Custom Masters process.

For those who have experienced my work firsthand, you may be familiar with a certain amount of looseness at the thigh connections. This is because my supply of metal T-Hooks was not infinite. I tried several solutions, including plastic T-Hooks and looser O-Rings, but there was really no substitute for the metal.

Chip Wallace and I had discussed alternatives on the subject for a while, and we always came back around to ball joints. Finally, I was able to use threaded ball links for R/C models to support the thighs and legs. The socket portion fits right into the thigh, and the ball portion screws directly into the crotch.

Insert your own joke here.

Secondly, since I was driving myself insane with this project anyway, I decided to try a new technique called a "squish mold". Instead of casting small sets of parts, I was able to cast all of Fyredance's parts in one large mold, saving rubber, plastic, time, and money. There were a few wrinkles to iron out, but it looks like a promising direction for future of Custom Masters.

I also wanted the figure itself to be unique. Eagle-eyed observers will find parts from Action Masters Powerflash, Kick-Off, and Bumblebee. But no parts from Eagle Eye.

Here are the colors I used on Fyredance:
  • Ultramarines Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Hobgoblin Orange (Games Workshop)
  • Ice Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Dwarf Bronze (Games Workshop)
  • Space Wolves Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)

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