Galvatron (Movie Version)

Galvatron (Movie Version)

A good look at the cannon, plus the newer arms

Rear view of Movie Galvatron

When I got a hold of a custom Galvatron made by Gerardo Lopez, I just knew I had to take a crack at the custom myself. Here we have the movie version of Galvatron.

Screen Cap courtesy of Seibertron

As with Gerardo’s work, the head is based on the Cheetor/Tigatron mold, but I grafted the face onto the back of Action Master Snarl’s head so it would be a better fit onto the body; then I made a mold of the whole head.

As far as the rest of the detail goes, well, all I have to say is that the PVC Transformers are wonderful things. I took the shoulder mounts for PVC Galvy and attached them to Snarl’s chest, then filled in the gap in the center to make it a smooth, flat surface.

Next, I took his back attachment and connected it to Snarl’s back, having first clipped off the scales (see bottom picture on left)

Finally, I molded up PVC Galvatron’s cannon and used it on the arm (see second picture from top left).

I always got the impression that Galvatron was more blue than purple, at least in the movie, so I made the model reflect this. Below are the colors I used on Galvatron:
  • Mordian Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Adeptus Battlegrey (Games Workshop)
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Astronomican Grey (Games Workshop)

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