What's an Archaeometrist?

Even though I was able to get an official Glyph from Botcon on auction, I had to buy a Bumblebee keychain in order to get the Cliffjumper keychain. So I figured I'd get another Bumblebee PVC too; I mean, why waste paint?

Ain't she sweet?

And then I got a spare Bumblebee Action Master!


As with Tap-Out, Glyph is no longer able to transform into car mode. It's not that I glued her or anything, it's just that with the extra paint on the moving parts, it would be tight to transform and if you did get it done, the paint would scratch and chip.

Here's Glyph's color list:
  • Polished Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Ice Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Fortress Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Elf Grey/Chaos Black Mix (Games Workshop)
  • Shining Gold (Games Workshop)
  • Cobalt Blue (Rust-Oleum Metallic)
  • Winter Grey (Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch)

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