Hurricanrana (Bootleg Cyclonus)


Bootleg Cyclonus alt mode

You have to love bootlegs. Most of them have cheap plastic, hilarious colors, and questionable origins. But every now and then a knockoff catches my eye; thatís how Hurricanrana here came about.

I saw a seller on eBay offering a white version of Cyclonus quite a while ago. I didnít see it for months after that, and couldnít find any reference pictures anywhere. I was able to get this photo of his robot mode when the seller put up another one:

Bootleg Cyclonus robot mode

And thereís his alt mode to the left. As with many of my customs, Hurricanrana would never have been made were it not for the PVCs. I considered calling him Armada because of the famous argument over which Decepticon actually got turned into Cyclonus in the movie. I called him Hurricanrana instead because a) I didnít want to reopen a Death Star vs. Unicron-type discussion; b) Armada would make most folks think of the series, not a character; and c) the Hurricanrana is a pretty damn nifty wrestling move.

Here are the colors I used on Hurricanrana:
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Purple (Tamiya)
  • White (Krylon Fusion Spray)

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