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Sing it, brother!

I've been waiting a long time for this. Mind you, it's not that I didn't like the Action Master Impactor; he's one of my first customs ever, and I'm proud of the work. Here is his original incarnation:

One of the first Custom Masters ever

However, I always felt that he needed to be bigger, nastier, and generally more Bad Ass. *

I knew that the G2 Combat Hero Megatron mold was my answer as soon as his reissue (RID Bludgeon) was announced. The major challenges lied in the cannon, the arm, and the head.

The head was a lot of fun, quite honestly. I liked the face as it was, but I filed down the back and sides to make it more of a smoothed, bullet-head. I used a saw to hollow out a channel from the back of the neck to the forehead and inserted a piece of old Tupperware to achieve the "Roman War Helmet" effect. This goes to show that you should never, ever, throw anything away regardless of what your wife may tell you. Take a look at the Impactor head before paint was applied:

Sorry, I've already used the Al Snow joke once on this site.

I knew that Impactor could use either a spear/grappling hook weapon or a regular fist on his right hand, but he usually appeared with the weapon, as seen in the picture to the left. As such, I wanted to include the weapon, but it was important to me to make him a "self-contained" custom — that is, I wanted to be able to use only parts that came with the RID Bludgeon so if anyone else wanted one, I wouldn't have to use pieces from several different toys. As it turned out, I connected the tip of the green gun that RID Bludgeon comes with to the forearm, then connected the rubbery tip from the missiles to the gun to make the weapon.

For the cannon, it was a relatively simple job of clipping the barrel and disconnecting the hose and bellows, then sanding down the top for a more streamlined look. As with the Action Master Impactor custom, I drenched him in ink and purposely used several different shades of purple and yellow to achieve a nice, lived-in, beaten-up look.

Impactor marks the debut of Krylon Spray Paints in my work. The paint dries in about fifteen minutes — BOO-YA! Thanks for the tip, Rey!

Here's the color roundup for Impactor:
  • Warlock Purple (Games Workshop)
  • Sunburst Yellow (Games Workshop)
  • Skull White (Games Workshop)
  • Ice Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)
  • Purple Ink (Games Workshop)
  • Black Ink (Games Workshop)
  • Brown Ink (Games Workshop)
  • Plum Safety Purple (Krylon Spray)
  • Sun Yellow Gloss (Krylon Spray)

* Which is not a nasty phrase at all. It is actually a town in Lancre, whose original settlers were
hardworking but unimaginative folk and tended to name things quite literally.

Impactor's Tech Spec

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