Piranacon by Tommy Olsen

Screen Cap courtesy of Seibertron

Here's the low-down on Tommy Olsen’s Piranacon custom in his own words:

This character came to life utilizing the body of SCF Star Saber and a modified Deszaras chestplate (spikes embedded). All other parts, including the head, are heavily modified and assembled from scratch. Some styrene has been used for details on the legs and arms.

The Vallejo Acrylics have some nice tones, but I wouldn’t recommend using them on large surfaces; they tend to dry very fast, leaving lumps of paint as you go.

Tommy would also like to thank the members of the NTFA forums for putting up with his work for so long!

I'm very happy to see that there are other customizers out there! If anyone else has a Transformers project they'd like to see featured, by all means email me and let me know!

Tommy used the following colors on Piranacon:
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)
  • Boltgun Metal (Games Workshop)
  • Sunburst Yellow (Games Workshop)
  • Enchanted Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Skull White (Games Workshop)
  • Emerald (Vallejo Acrylics)
  • Magenta (Vallejo Acrylics)
  • Other custom Games Workshop blends

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