Rear view of Ramjet; notice the PVC wings

Due to recent improvements in the Custom Masters process, you can order any Seeker at any time in any configuration, or even come up with a character of your own and see it become a Custom Master! Email me for more details!

It was pretty easy to get Ramjetís wings. The main obstacle for him was the development of the Conehead head. I hadnít really thought about using MyClone parts until Anthony Appleton mentioned it and graciously donated a head for me to experiment with.

Screen Cap courtesy of Seibertron

It was a pretty simple matter to drill a neck post into the MyClone head, mold it up, and make one for Ramjet.

From now on, this is the way all my Seekers will be done. Check it out:

The Magnificent Seven

Here are the colors I used for Ramjet:
  • Ice Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Mechrite Red (Games Workshop)
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)
  • Astronomican Grey (Games Workshop)

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