Skullcruncher by Anthony Appleton

Here's the low-down on Anthony Appleton’s Skullcruncher custom in his own words:

The first Decepticon Headmaster I made, Skullcruncher was, as with the other Headmasters I've created thus far, a simple figure to make.

The head is from Take-Off, which is attatched to Action Master Snarl'sbody, with the spikes removed from the back.

Box art courtesy of Botch the Crab

I'm very happy to see that there are other Action Master fans out there! If anyone else has a customized Action Master they'd like to see featured, by all means email me and let me know!

Anthony used the following colors on Skullcruncher:
  • Black Primer #00 (Miniature Paints)
  • White Primer #01 (Miniature Paints)
  • Dark Green #12 (Miniature Paints)
  • Purple #34 (Miniature Paints)
  • Bright Red #41 (Miniature Paints)
  • Canary Yellow #61 (Miniature Paints)

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