Starscreamís Ghost

Starscreamís Ghost

Since Iím such a big fan of crystal-clear plastic, I decided to put together a version of Starscreamís Ghost. After Starscream was eradicated by Galvatron in the movie, he returned in the third season as a spirit (which may or may not ruin several canons and continuities).

Screen Cap courtesy of Seibertron

His intention was to bargain with Unicronís head in order to get a new body. Donít ask me how he even knew about Unicron, given that he was killed. At some point he showed up in Beast Wars too.

My head hurts. You try and figure it all out.

Anyway, I like this project a lot, and I think it benefits from the clear colors offered by Tamiya. If I have one complaint, itís that the plastic itself takes a long time to solidify.

The following colors brought Starscreamís Ghost to life (or, at least, back from the dead):
  • Clear Blue (Tamiya)
  • Clear Black (Tamiya)
  • Clear Red (Tamiya)
  • Clear Yellow (Tamiya)

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