Superion by Jeff Nichols

Here's the low-down on Jeff Nichol's Action Master Elite Superion in his own words:

The parts:
  • Head: bootleg Gundam figure altered with parts from a robot gun for the horns
  • Backpack/arms: Cyberjet Hooligan
  • Body/legs: Tek Toys Robo Dino Brontosaurus robot
  • Guns: another bootleg Gundam
  • Other parts modified using Creative Paperclay and painted with Testors paint
This figure was probably the fastest I had built a custom figure — about a week and a day of my free time from work.

It all started with a sketch in my drawing pad. From there, I felt obsessed with finishing it. The parts were easy to obtain.

Customizer's Note: If you are looking to do a custom AM of a gestalt, the Robo-Bronto from the Tek Toys "Robo-Dino" set (or its bootleg equivalent) will do quite nicely with some minor alterations.

The blasters on his legs were a last minute addition to the figure, mainly there to help cover the rest of the body. If I ever do update him, I would make the blasters detachable.

Another Customizer's note: If you ever use Dullcote on your figure, test it out first. Although I used it for my AM figures, I kinda' wished it didn't look so weathered. Otherwise, I am REALLY happy with the end result.

Hope you like Superion


I'm very happy to see that there are other Action Master fans out there! If anyone else has a customized Action Master they'd like to see featured, by all means email me and let me know!

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