Super Megatron

Super Megatron

A back shot of Super Megatron

I'm proud to announce that my 100th Custom Master comes straight from the Japanese Return of Convoy series: Super Megatron!

When my good buddy Maudo gave me a Gundam RX-79[G] for my birthday a while back, I knew I had to do something special with it. I was inspired by the only known picture reference, from Prime Saber's Transformers Page:

Photo courtesy of Prime Saber

Super Megatron was never shown in an animated cartoon; he only appeared in the pages of the Japanese TV Magazine. He never had a toy either, so it was important to me to bring Star Convoy's archrival to life.

It was actually a pretty simple process, especially once the Combat Hero Megatron repaint (Bludgeon) was released in 2003. I used Bludgeon's head and modified some other Gundam parts to make the forearm cannon and the shoulder cannons.

It took a little longer to make this custom than most because of the amount of pre-assembly. I wanted Super Megatron to be a special showpiece, so I was quite retentive when it came to trimming parts from sprues, sanding, priming, drilling, and painting.

All in all, I feel that he's an excellent representation of a character that deserved, but never got, his own toy.

I used the following colors on Super Megatron:
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Heat Resistant Silver (Rust-Oleum Specialty Spray)

Super Megatron

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