Custom Box courtesy of Chip Wallace

Trailbreaker fills in another spot as I quest to complete customizations of all the first wave Transformers! I feel he's a special project due to the level of work I had to do to have him come out right.

The big decision I had to make was exactly what to do about his body. I could have copped out and used an Inferno body, or even have taken the easy way out by just gluing a trunk onto Mainframe's torso. Instead, I decided to chop up a Micro Machines SUV and have a good time. Please, someone talk to me about what my idea of a good time is...

Screen Cap courtesy of Nightwind

At any rate, my first step was to slice off the front of the Micro machines car, which wasn't too hand. Then, I separated the windshield from the hood (or the windscreen from the bonnet for my UK buddies).

The big trick was hollowing out and sanding down a Rollout chest without losing the integrity of the connector lines; I had to make sure the front and the back of the torso fit together somewhat seamlessly.

Once that was done, I glued the windshield and the hood onto the chest and filled in the seams with putty and 2-part plastic. I sanded down the back of Rollout to make the front and back more even, as you can see in the picture to the left.

I'm hopeful that the Trailbreaker, Ironhide, and Hound chest conversions are a sunny sign of good customs to come!

Take a look below for Trailbreaker's list of colorss:
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)
  • Ice Blue (Games Workshop)
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Fortress Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Space Wolves Grey (Games Workshop)

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