Ultra Magnus (Dreamwave)

Ultra Magnus

Custom Box courtesy of Chip Wallace

The brothers Convoy (photo courtesy of Joe Moore)   Looking great and packing heavy (photo courtesy of Joe Moore)

This one’s from the scanner   The Magnus dance is your chance to...ah, screw it

Well, here he is. The first of a whole new generation of Custom Masters. As you can see, Magnus is clean, very bright, and totally poseable. Plus, he comes with a completely customized Convoy-style rifle specially designed to fit the Action Master mold.

Prime's PVC gun, but better!

Phased out (but still submitted for your approval) is the PVC Ultra Magnus, who has proven difficult to obtain (but not impossible for those that might want one).

Ultra Magnus PVC

For those who might not remember, the white Prime-style Magnus was thrust into the spotlight by Dreamwave in the sixth issue of the second G1 limited series. Basically, he shed his damaged armor to come looking for Shockwave and save Optimus Prime:

Dreamwave Ultra Magnus

In the end, though, it was Grimlock who pulled both of their posteriors out of the fire.

Here are the colors I used on Dreamwave Ultra Magnus:
  • Sky Blue (Tamiya)
  • Black (Tamiya)
  • Lemon Yellow (Tamiya)
  • Space Wolves Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Dark Sea Grey (Tamiya)
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