Warpath by Anthony Appleton

Here's the low-down on Anthony Appleton’s Warpath custom in his own words:

In my bid to complete the G1 series, I had to make some more minibots. Warpath was the next one on my list, and was reasonably easy to make.

Firstly, I took Grimlock's arms and legs, attached them to Treadshot's torso, to which I fixed a PVC seeker weapon and some tank tracks from PVC figures to create the image of a tank alt mode. The head is from Gutcruncher.

The best thing with Warpath is that the paint scheme is not complicated!

Screen Cap courtesy of Seibertron

I'm very happy to see that there are other Action Master fans out there! If anyone else has a customized Action Master they'd like to see featured, by all means email me and let me know!

Anthony used the following colors on Warpath:
  • Mid Grey #06 (Miniature Paints)
  • Arctic Blue #21 (Miniature Paints)
  • Bright Red #41 (Miniature Paints)

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